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Graemes Mentor-II
Graeme's Mentor crashed some time ago.  He has now built a replacement and finally it has got to the stage of seeing if it will fly, before he adds the necessary embellishments for future competition.
How to balance your model aircraft properly
Many aircraft modellers find themselves in bother on first flight because the balance is just not where it should be. Find out how to properly set the centre of gravity.
Catalina PBY5A Scale Model RC Flying Boat by Brian Hutchinson
This radio control scale model PBY5A Catalina Patrol Bomber flying boat was built by Brian Hutchinson during 2013. The aircraft features retractable landing gear, twin engines, observer windows, machine gun turret and landing light.
Interview with Ian Waters, Club Director of the Actio(n) Scale Rally
BADMAC editor Geoff White interviews Ian Waters, our Club Director of the Actio(n) Scale Rally radio control model aircraft flying event.
Trim your model
A guide explaining how to trim your radio control model aircraft properly and what corrections to make during flight according to your observations.
What makes a good RC pilot
What makes a good model pilot? What is the mysterious factor that causes certain people to have the mind and hand coordination necessary for success?
Bunnings Sizzle and Leaf Blower Presentation
On Saturday 13 June we had a sausage sizzle at Bunnings Bairnsdale. The weather was freezing at first, but cleared to a sunny day and fortunately people came to Bunnings for stuff and a sausage.
BADMAC members visit Field Air
BADMAC members visited the airfield of the Canadian company called Field Air. Their aircraft are under contract to DEPI to carry out Fire Bombing operations.
Fun Flying RC Model Aircraft Event Manoeuvres to Practice
Here are some radio control model aircraft manoeuvres to practice that are typical tasks set in a Fun Flying event.
Model Aeronautical Association of Australia
The MAAA is the largest aeromodelling organisation in Australia. As a leading expert, the MAAA help clubs provide the best advice, instructors and knowledge base so you can learn to fly and enjoy your sport.
Victorian Model Aeronautical Association
The Victorian Model Aeronautical Association is the regulatory body for all radio control model aircraft events around Victoria.
World Hobbies
World Hobbies stock a handpicked selection of premium items from famous manufacturers including O.S., Multiplex , Hi Mark, Wilesco, Castle Creations, Seagull, Phoenix, Menz, James Racing, Twister, MT Engines and other famous brands.
Modelflight RC
Modelflight is an RC Hobby Shop for all things RC Hobbies and Models. Father and Son duo Leo and Mike O'Reilly established Modelflight in 1975.