RC Model Aircraft for Sale and Wanted to Buy

Check out the radio control model aircraft kits, spare parts and various other items that BADMAC club members currently have for sale or are interested to buy.

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RCGF Petrol Engine 40T for sale
$ 250.00
RCGF 40 T Petrol Engine for sale. 40cc twin cylinder 2 stroke Petrol Engine with electronic ignition & Engine soft mounts. Engine is older model with plugs on top of head. Has had very little r...
Almost Ready To Fly RC Models for sale
A couple of almost ready to fly RC aircraft models left for sale at cheap prices.
Mini Apprentice RC Model Aircraft and Accessories for sale
$ 320.00
SAVE $ 100.00
$ 220.00
RC Model Aircraft and Accessories for sale as a lot, or seperately. Mini Apprentice S model plane with spare parts, flown once. New Flight Simulator SM 600Sic 6 Channel RC Flight Simulator for RC P...
Price Rite Fun Fli RC Model Aircraft for sale
$ 200.00
PRICE-RITE (Australian) FUN-FLI 20-46 for sale.
Sky Raider Low Wing RC Aircraft for sale
$ 250.00
SKY RAIDER low wing version for sale. OS46 engine, complete radio installation, (4X Hitec 422 servos, JR 36mHz RX, Switch.) No battery. Engine has been stripped, cleaned, checked. In good...
GoPro Hero 3+ Camera for sale
$ 250.00
GoPro Hero 3+ For Sale including LCD back.