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Calendar of Radio Control Model Aircraft Events
Here is a calendar of upcoming Radio Control Model Aircraft Events that will be of interest to BADMAC members and visitors from other clubs.
RCGF Petrol Engine 40T for sale
$ 250.00
RCGF 40 T Petrol Engine for sale. 40cc twin cylinder 2 stroke Petrol Engine with electronic ignition & Engine soft mounts. Engine is older model with plugs on top of head. Has had very little r...
Almost Ready To Fly RC Models for sale
A couple of almost ready to fly RC aircraft models left for sale at cheap prices.
Current Committee Members
Committee members of the Bairnsdale And District Model Aero Club elected for the current year are as follows.
Mini Apprentice RC Model Aircraft and Accessories for sale
$ 320.00
SAVE $ 100.00
$ 220.00
RC Model Aircraft and Accessories for sale as a lot, or seperately. Mini Apprentice S model plane with spare parts, flown once. New Flight Simulator SM 600Sic 6 Channel RC Flight Simulator for RC P...
How To Join
If you would like to be part of one of the most progressive and dedicated bunch of modelling enthusiasts in Australia, come join the Bairnsdale And District Model Aero Club.
How To Pay Membership Fees
Membership fees for the Bairnsdale And District Model Aero Club fall due on the 1st July each year. You can pay your fees online by EFT direct deposit into our Bendigo Bank account.
Contact Us
You can contact the Bairnsdale And District Model Aero Club in East Gippsland by mobile phone, email or regular post. All our contact details appear right here.
Price Rite Fun Fli RC Model Aircraft for sale
$ 200.00
PRICE-RITE (Australian) FUN-FLI 20-46 for sale.
Sky Raider Low Wing RC Aircraft for sale
$ 250.00
SKY RAIDER low wing version for sale. OS46 engine, complete radio installation, (4X Hitec 422 servos, JR 36mHz RX, Switch.) No battery. Engine has been stripped, cleaned, checked. In good...
GoPro Hero 3+ Camera for sale
$ 250.00
GoPro Hero 3+ For Sale including LCD back.
Graemes Mentor II RC Model Aircraft
Graeme's Mentor RC model aircraft crashed some time ago. He has now built a replacement and finally it has got to the stage of seeing if it will fly, before he adds the necessary embellishments...
The Sign Shop Aust
The Sign Shop Aust. Made our nifty new banner and some roadside signs. Very nice work. Tristan has all the good gear for creating great signs.
How to balance your model aircraft properly
Many aircraft modellers find themselves in bother on first flight because the balance is just not where it should be. Find out how to properly set the centre of gravity.
Catalina PBY5A Scale Model RC Flying Boat by Brian Hutchinson
This radio control scale model PBY5A Catalina Patrol Bomber flying boat was built by Brian Hutchinson during 2013. The aircraft features retractable landing gear, twin engines, observer windows, ma...
Interview with Ian Waters, Club Director of the Actio(n) Scale Rally
BADMAC editor Geoff White interviews Ian Waters, our Club Director of the Actio(n) Scale Rally radio control model aircraft flying event.
Trim your model
A guide explaining how to trim your radio control model aircraft properly and what corrections to make during flight according to your observations.
What makes a good RC pilot
What makes a good model pilot? What is the mysterious factor that causes certain people to have the mind and hand coordination necessary for success?
BADMAC Vision Statement
The following describes our vision for the ensuing 5 years as well as an outline of what could happen in the years beyond this. Additionally, it backgrounds our history and our view of where we fit...
Bunnings Sizzle and Leaf Blower Presentation
On Saturday 13 June we had a sausage sizzle at Bunnings Bairnsdale. The weather was freezing at first, but cleared to a sunny day and fortunately people came to Bunnings for stuff and a sausage.
History of the Bairnsdale And District Model Aero Club
For many years the Bairnsdale And District Model Aero Club rooms and airfield was located behind the Bairnsdale Tip on Johnsons Road, Forge Creek.
VMAA State Field Eastern Official Opening Sunday 8 March 2015
The new VMAA State Field Eastern in Goon Nure near Bairnsdale was officially opened on Sunday 8th March 2015.
BADMAC members visit Field Air
BADMAC members visited the airfield of the Canadian company called Field Air. Their aircraft are under contract to DEPI to carry out Fire Bombing operations.
Fun Flying RC Model Aircraft Event Manoeuvres to Practice
Here are some radio control model aircraft manoeuvres to practice that are typical tasks set in a Fun Flying event.
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