31st August 2015

ACTIO(n) Scale Rally Pilot Briefing

ACTIO(n) Scale Rally Pilots Briefing

Our Charter

•       Make it Fun

•       Get through the Program

•       Get you to leave here without injury or discomfort

•       To make you want to come back


•       Absolutely no flying to the rear of the pilot box alignment

•       All models to be started only in the starting area

•       No taxiing beyond the taxiway barriers

•       Aircraft to be restrained/guided by hand until reaching the alignment of the judging positions.

•       No more than 4 aircraft aloft at any one time

•       Full size aircraft have right of way

•       Flight-line marshals directions must be obeyed

•       Pilots are to have a caller/assistant while in the vicinity of the flight-line

•       Mobile phones are not to be brought to the flight-line

•       If motor testing is required pilots are to use the designated test areas.

•       Permission required from the Flight-Line Marshall when accessing the strip

•       Pilots wishing to fly occupy the ready boxes then move to the starting area

when vacant

•       All starting paraphernalia to be removed from the starting area ASAP


The Event

Realism Competition Flying

•       Each pilot can fly up to 3 rounds each day

•       Winners of each round may fly in the ensuing rounds but scores will not be tallied (dependent on numbers winners of early rounds maybe asked not to fly in later rounds)

•       The winner of each of the 3 rounds will fly off to determine the daily winner

•       The winner of day 1 may fly in day 2 rounds but the score will not be tallied.

•       Each days winner will fly off for the model of the meet

•       Pilots should ensure judges are made aware of the nuances of "unusual"


•       Realism assessment will be taken from the moment the aircraft is released in the taxiway to the time it shuts down adjacent to the inward barriers.

•       The responsibility to fly each round is yours;

•       You will not be called

•       Simply line up in the ready lines and proceed to the starting area when a vacancy exists

•       The hourly competitive period(s) starting and finishing will be announced.

•       They may be extended or reduced in sympathy with the entrant numbers

Static Judging

•       Scratch and builds from kits require F4c type documentation ie; 3 views and colour photographs or chips

•       Modified ARF's require colour photographs of the modeled aircraft. If outline changes are claimed then F4c documentation as above.

•       Models judged from 4m - cockpits are not judged.
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