BADMAC members visit Field Air

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27th February 2015

BADMAC members visited the airfield of the Canadian company called Field Air. Their aircraft are under contract to DEPI to carry out Fire Bombing operations.

Our member Gary and his colleague John are pilots of the Fire Bombing aircraft and generously gave of their time to show us their aircraft and to demonstrate water bombing.

The Air Tractor AT-802F Fire Bombing Aircraft

  • Single engine air tanker.
  • 3,200 litres load capacity. Foam, retardent or gel.
  • Engine power up to 1600 HP.
  • 300 kmh cruise speed to target.
  • Short take off and fast climb. Remote nad rugged airstrip capability.
  • Computerised fire door with infinite selectability of coverage level.

We were able to get a guided tour of the aircraft dashboard, one at a time. Everyone present was impressed with the aircraft and with the demonstrated accuracy of the drops.

We thank Gary and John very much for the experience and look forward to their return next fire season.

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