BADMAC Trainee Pilot Log Book

03rd January 2015

This log book has been provided to assist you with your learning to fly to "Bronze Wing" standard in as short time as is possible. By achieving this standard you will have reached a level of proficiency that will be acceptable and allow you to fly solo at all VMAA/MAAA affiliated flying fields.

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The main section of the book is the actual log. The object is to compile the trainee flight history for each training session. The trainee compiles the required detail for each flight and at the end of the session the instructor records comment relating to the trainees level of achievement as well as any aspect that requires more time to achieve the necessary standard. This record serves a number of purposes:

  • Provides the trainee with a written assessment of achievement as well as any particular area which requires more training.
  • Provides the trainer with a reminder of the level of achievement and what aspects the student requires more tuition or time.
  • Provides alternate instructors with the required information to continue training as the same level the trainee has reached.

Note: Bronze Wings are awarded for demonstrated flight proficiency for Electric powered Models and Silver for Methanol or Gas Powered Aircraft. Where the term Bronze is used it applies equally to Silver Wings.

Required Manoeuvres

To be Bronze or Silver Wing accredited the trainee must be able to competently demonstrate the following capabilities:

  1. Dexterity – locate all transmitter control quickly and without fumbling.
  2. Theory – name major components of the aircraft and define functions and effects of the controls.
  3. Carry out a airframe and pre flight check.
  4. Take off.
  5. Trim the aircraft in flight.
  6. Procedure Turns – clockwise and anti clockwise.
  7. Figure Eight - inward or outward.
  8. Rectangular circuits – clockwise and anti clockwise.
  9. Approach and landing.
  10. Simulated dead stick landing.

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