28th June 2024

BADMAC Operating Principles and Practices

Here are the Operating Principles and Practices for club members current November 2023. BADMAC is for people who love to fly build and talk about model aircraft. It caters for fixed wing and helicopter models, drones and FPV aircraft.

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BADMAC is for people who love to fly, build and talk about model aircraft. It caters for fixed wing and helicopter models.New member enquiries are welcome. BADMAC was formed more than 30 years ago and was originally based in Bairnsdale, then for about 15 years on Shire land behind the land fill site. Its flying field is now at 1125 Bengworden Road. Goon Nure, on land leased from the VMAA. It’s about 15km South West of Bairnsdale city.

As a member of BADMAC you would be one of a worldwide group of model aviation enthusiasts through the Victorian Model Aircraft Association (VMAA), of which BADMAC is a member, the Model Aeronautical Association of Australia (MAAA), and the Federation Aeronautique Internationale (FAI).

Powered model aircraft are heavy enough, and fly at speeds high enough, to pose a hazard unless operated sensibly and safely. The MAAA and the Clubs have set various safe operating rules, under the authority of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority which is responsible for aviation safety including model aviation, and these rules are required to be observed by all Club members. It is also sensible to be insured against personal injury and property damage to others and this is provided collectively by payment of a fee to the VMAA. All flying members of BADMAC are required to pay this fee. It is also a condition of our lease that all flyers have this $20 million third party cover. The insurance covers personal injury but not damage to members models which is his or her own responsibility.

Formal Club flying days are Wednesday and Sunday, however, BADMAC flying field is available for use by members seven days per week (for safety reasons it is recommended that there be at least two members present). To be invited to fly at the field a person must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a member of BADMAC or,
  • Be a guest from an affiliated Club.
  • Must either possess MAAA Bronze Wing rating or higher, or,
  • Have been approved for solo flying by BADMAC, or,
  • Be a BADMAC member flying under BADMAC approved instruction.

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PO Box 1834 Bairnsdale Victoria 3875 AU
+613 402 893 537 $20 to $300

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